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Distracted Driver Accident Lawyer in York, PA

Filing a Claim Involving a Distracted Driver

The instances of distracted driving accidents continue to rise due to the numbers of drivers using hand-held digital devices while behind the wheel. Drivers who read text messages, answer text messages, talk on cell phones, or are busy with other activities while their attention should be on the road ahead put all other drivers and their passengers at great risk of injury.

In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that distracted driving is an epidemic and that a distracted driver is a greater danger to others than a drunk driver. This is a serious problem, particularly if it has impacted you or your family. 3,000 people were killed by distracted drivers in a recent year, and countless others suffered mild to serious or catastrophic injuries in a car accident.

Filing a Claim After Your Accident

At Ilkanoff & Silverstein, our York car accident lawyer can provide legal representation to the injured or their families in distracted driver accident cases. The in-car systems, as well as, handheld digital devices could be the underlying situation that led to an increase in fatal accidents for the first time in many years in 2012 – up by 5.3%.

Approximately half of the drivers admit that they answer incoming calls, while 1 out of 4 place calls while behind the wheel. Throughout the country, the numbers of drivers placing and answering calls at any given time are staggering – during daylight hours, about 660,000 people are engaged in using cell phones or manipulating in-vehicle electronic systems while driving.

Damages You Can Recover

Whether you were injured in a rear-end accident, side impact or head-on accident, when a distracted driver was at fault, legal action can be taken to seek justice and compensation. Many people are so seriously injured that there is no possibility of returning to the healthy condition enjoyed prior to the crash. There could be the need for long-term medical care or nursing care or many surgeries over several years. The costs involved will be astronomical, in medical bills alone.

The other economic losses, such as the following must be addressed carefully with the assistance of a highly skilled York car accident lawyer:

  • Lost income from work
  • Estimated future losses
  • Pain and suffering

The firm can help you pursue the maximum possible in your case, as is your right. The case may be settled, as is most common, or could require a lawsuit filed in civil court.

The limits on the at-fault driver's insurance may require us to pursue further compensation through other legal actions. No matter how serious the case, our legal team knows what to do to help you seek full compensation for all damages.

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