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Recovering Compensation for Broken Bones

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A person who has never been severely injured may not understand the amount of pain and sheer inconvenience that a broken bone causes. Sometimes, as a result of the complexity of the injury itself, age, or other factors, the healing process may not be a simple, straightforward experience. Furthermore, the medications given to prevent infection, dull the pain, or prevent dangerous blood clots can actually create their own negative side effects.

If you have been injured in an accident which was caused by the negligence of another, you should contact a York personal injury attorney from Ilkhanoff & Silverstein today. You may be owed serious compensation for what happened to you!

Complications with Broken Bones

The initial pain and trauma caused by a bone break is not the end of a victim's troubles. Infections may occur in the surrounding wound or within the bone itself. If there has been splintering, microscopic yet severe lacerations in the muscle tissue and ligaments can occur. Even as medicine advances to incredible levels never before thought possible – such as metal plates, screws, and total bone replacements – can still leave patients feeling incredible amounts of pain for months or longer.

Other consequences of a broken bone injury may include:

  • Difficulty controlling a limb
  • Numbness due to nerve damage
  • Inability to walk without soreness
  • Disfigurement

In many situations, the full extent of your injuries will not be known for quite some time. It is important to communicate closely with your physician if you suspect there may be more problems arising due to your broken bone injury. You should also work with a professional personal injury attorney to determine how to pursue legal recourse and what medical documents will be crucial evidence for your claim.

However Your Accident Occurred, We Can Help!

The accidents that cause a broken bone injury are just a varied as the potential complications. In any situation where someone acts negligently or mishandles heavy equipment, innocent people are put in serious risk of experiencing great pain.

Your future is important to us here at Ilkhanoff & Silverstein. Our York personal injury lawyers will ensure that your claim for damages includes all of your injuries and any future procedures or medical equipment which will be needed.

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  • “I was a happy man when it was over. More importantly, my children are happy. You have a great team and everyone was helpful and positive.”

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  • “I highly recommend Ilkhanoff & Silverstein. Mine was a complex case involving four insurance companies. Mr. Ilkhanoff hit a grand slam - achieving the best possible settlement.”


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