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New Freedom, PA Attorney

At Ilkhanoff & Silverstein, we provide our clients with dedicated legal representation for a variety of cases. Our attorneys have over 40 years of combined legal experience as proven litigators and advocates. If you are located in New Freedom, PA, and need an attorney to guide you through your legal matter, contact Ilkhanoff & Silverstein for a consultation today.

Personal Injury Lawyers in New Freedom

If you or a loved one were hurt because of someone’s carelessness, we can help prepare your claim and will aggressively pursue compensation for you and your family.

Our firm handles all personal injury matters, including, but not limited to:

It is important to retain the services of an experienced law firm when dealing with such a significant legal matter. Your pick in attorney does make a difference. Our firm has significant experience in helping client recovery financially. Whether you are the victim of negligence or the family member of someone who has suffered from a serious injury or passed, contact Ilkhanoff & Silverstein.

New Freedom Family Law & Divorce Attorney

Whether you intend to legally end your marriage or are facing another family law matter outside of the divorce process, it is advised that you seek immediate advice from a New Freedom family law attorney at Ilkhanoff & Silverstein. At Ilkhanoff & Silverstein, we will do everything we can to help you come to a beneficial conclusion to your legal matter. We handle the array of family law issues, including:

The outcome of your legal matter can impact your life well into the future. We will make sure that you know all of your legal options and alternatives, and are aware of the potential implications of any action you plan to take. When litigation can be avoided, our firm works with clients as they participate in mediation, having acted as the mediator or one party’s counsel. If you are facing divorce or any other domestic legal matter, contact Ilkhanoff & Silverstein.

New Freedom Criminal Defense Lawyer

Ilkhanoff & Silverstein is a highly regarded criminal defense firm that can provide you with an aggressive defense if you have been charged with any type of crime, including both misdemeanors and felonies. Our firm will conduct an in-depth review of the charges against you and develop a strategy to help you achieve the best possible conclusion to your case. We know the anxiety that can result from legal proceedings and will make sure you have a thorough understanding of every action that we undertake and the results that we expect. Ilkhanoff & Silverstein handles the gamut of criminal matters, including:

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