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There is an old Socratic mantra that states, more or less, that “the wise man knows he knows nothing.” This is not a declaration of contentedness with total ignorance, but rather it is an admission that there is always room for more knowledge, better processes, and improved understanding. With this in mind, our York attorneys at Ilkhanoff & Silverstein have recently attended a continued legal education (CLE) course on “Difficult Issues to Mediate, Litigate, and Deal with in General with Custody Cases.”

Not only will this greatly benefit our legal team, but also the clients we represent. A lawyer who remains up-to-speed and well-informed about laws and litigation concerns is more likely to provide top-notch services. For matters as sensitive as family lawdisputes, such as those involving child custody, an extra course here and there about the subject matter can make all the difference in the world.

Other Educational Endeavors

To say that Attorneys Ilkhanoff and Silverstein enjoy attending CLE courses is a bit of an understatement. Whenever their busy schedules give them the free time to attend one, they do their best to do so. As mentioned before, if not just for their own benefit, then also for the benefit of the people of Pennsylvania they represent, in and out of court.

Some of the other CLE courses they have attended include:

  • Same Sex Marriage: Impact on Family Law Practice
  • The Psychology of Inspiration
  • The Psychological Effects of Shared…It’s Complicated
  • York County Civil Courts Update
  • Using an IPad in your Practice

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