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With much excitement and admittedly some pride, our team at Ilkhanoff & Silverstein is pleased to announce that Attorney Bernard Ilkhanoff has been selected to be the President of the York County Bar Association (YCBA) for 2016. He is no stranger to the prestigious titles, however, as he was this organization’s Treasurer in 2014 and President-Elect in 2015. We believe his progression through the ranks of the YCBA showcases his ability to set his mind on a goal and achieve it, whether it is attaining a new title for himself or a victory for his clients.

Who are the YCBA?

The history of York is rich with lawmakers, attorneys, and justice-seekers of all types, dating back to Colonial times. The York County Bar Association works to continue the efforts of great men and women throughout the centuries by furthering the benefits lawyers and litigators can provide their communities and their colleagues.

Some of the goals of this non-profit group include:

  • Encouraging a fair and balanced legal system
  • Creating trusting ties between the Bar and other legal branches
  • Providing seminars on justice matters to the public
  • Promoting legal practitioners to attend continued legal education (CLE)
  • Granting representation to the indigent
  • Counseling other organizations in legal matters

The York County Bar Association also has a charitable arm called the York County Bar Foundation (YCBF). The YCBF focuses on pro bono services to individuals and other charity organizations that cannot afford an attorney for one reason or another. To be the head of the YCBA, Attorney Ilkhanoff can ensure that the YCBF continues to thrive and truly give back to the York community.

To learn more about the YCBA, go ahead and visit their website here. To learn more about York Divorce Attorney Ilkhanoff and his services, simply contact us today and let us know what legal troubles are bothering you. You can do so by calling (717) 744-0531 or by filling out an online case evaluation form.