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135 N. George Street Suite 223, York, PA 17401
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Lancaster Personal Injury Attorney

Filing an Injury Claim in Lancaster

Personal injury accidents are unfortunate events that none of us are never emotionally prepared for. Beyond the initial accident and the corresponding injuries, serious accidents continue to affect many aspects of our lives for months or even years to come. At Ilkhanoff & Silverstein, we have 30 years combined experience in the legal field. Our extensive experience has allowed us to become especially proficient at personal injury lawsuits and securing sizeable settlements on our clients' behalf. If you have been involved in an injurious accident, we urge you to address your concerns with a Lancaster personal injury lawyer from our firm as soon as possible.

Every day people from different walks of life come into our law firm with catastrophic injuries. Such injuries include broken bones, whiplash injuries, traumatic brain injuries, burn injuries, road rash and spinal cord injuries. Unfortunately, not everyone has the insurance required to pay for the massive bills that severe injuries incur. Furthermore, when the accident was caused because of someone else's negligence, that person's insurance company may be unwilling to admit fault and compensate the victim. In some cases, the person at fault has no insurance, and our firm has to take additional measures to ensure that the victim is provided for.

What Caused the Injury?

These types of injuries have many different causes. Some of the most common types of accidents involve transportation, such as car accidents, pedestrian accidents, drunk driving accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and bicycle accidents. With this type of situation, it is crucial that the victim retains highly qualified legal representation. Proving fault while working against powerful insurance companies is no easy task, and it requires the steadfast dedication of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Construction accidents are another type of case entirely. Almost always, these are on-the-job injuries, which means that you will have to file for workers' compensation. In some cases, you may also be due additional compensation. The laws regarding workplace injuries are vast and complex. It is a sad fact that employers and company owners often try to shirk responsibility for accidents that were caused by their negligence or disregard for safety rules. When you go up against a company, you need to realize that they have extensive resources at their disposal, and they will do whatever it takes to win. Your attorney should be someone who is a fighter, someone who understands the ins and outs of construction accident cases, someone who will go the length to obtain justice.

One of the most disturbing kinds of accident involves nursing home abuse. When we place our loved ones in a nursing home, we do so with the expectation that they will be cared for as we would care for them. The professionals are entrusted with the lives and health of those closest to us, and it is utterly incomprehensible that anyone would ever purposefully take advantage of or hurt an elderly person. When the victim of the abuse is elderly, he or she may be unable to recall details or may be embarrassed about reporting the abuse. These cases can become complicated very quickly, but the legal team at our firm is experienced with nursing home investigations and defending the rights of the elderly.

Other common causes of serious injuries include slip & fall accidents and drowning accidents. Many of these injuries fall under premises liability law; this is especially common in swimming pool accidents, dog bites and attacks, or cases where people are injured at a retail establishment. In these circumstances, the property owner may be found liable because he or she was negligent in ensuring that the area was safe.

Pursuing Just Compensation

When you or your loved one has been injured by a defective product, our firm can help you bring a case against the company who made or sold the dangerous product. We trust that the products we buy for ourselves and our families are safe to use, and when that trust is broken, it can result in serious injuries and even death.

Our firm handles all of these types of cases, and we also represent the surviving family members of those who have been killed in a wrongful death accident. We have helped countless individuals and families recover damages for medical bills, future medical costs, lost wages, emotional trauma, and funeral expenses.

Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Lancaster, PA

We understand how stressful and upsetting it is to be injured in an accident. We know how hard it is to manage your life or your career from a hospital bed, or while you are at home recovering. At times like these, you are in no position to chase down medical documentation, witness statements, or even the insurance company. It's critical for you to understand that hiring an attorney can make all the difference in how much compensation your ultimately receive. Insurance companies are interested in their own profits, and for this reason, they make every attempt to pay out as little as possible. Your best interests are what matters most, and we are 100% committed to securing as much compensation as possible for you.

Our Team

Attorney Paula S. Silverstein has experience as a former Assistant City Solicitor for the city of Philadelphia, and she has extensive experience in civil litigation, as well as going to trial. Due to her background in both areas, she has confidence when handling all types of personal injury cases. Whether your case can be quickly resolved through negotiation, or if it becomes necessary to go to trial, she is fully prepared to effectively perform no matter what your situation demands.

Attorney Bernard Ilkhanoff, Esq., founding partner and husband to Ms. Silverstein not only offers his extensive legal experience in injury law, he has served in numerous high positions in many local service organizations and legal associations. Together, Mr. Ilkhanoff and Ms. Silverstein take pride in their tireless and dedicated representation to their clients. They are here to provide the highest quality, compassionate legal representation to the residents of Lancaster. They know that no amount of money could ever erase the accident, but it can certainly help you and your family move forward and look forward to a brighter, more promising future.

Contact a Lancaster personal injury lawyer from the firm to schedule a free consultation.

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