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Child Support Enforcement in York

York Child Support Lawyer for Enforcement

Are you constantly facing issues with getting court-ordered child support payments on time, or paid at all? Once the court has issued an order for child support, the paying parent is obligated to abide by the judgment. If there is a failure to do so, legal action can be taken against that parent. Our state has an agency to deal with these problems, the Bureau of Child Support Enforcement. This agency gets involved in matters related to child support, including the establishment of paternity and getting court orders for child support.

Special Circumstances in Child Support Cases

If the other parent of your child(ren) is absent and cannot be located, actions can be undertaken to find the parent so that support orders can be enforced. One of the orders that can be issued with the assistance of our firm is an income withholding order that directs an employer to deduct child support payments from the other parent's paycheck for current support, unpaid support from the past, and related fees.

The maximum amount of income that can be withheld (garnished) is 50 percent for a parent that has another family to support, and 60 percent for those who do not have another family to support. If there are overdue payments, the garnishment can be increased by 5 percent, in cases in which payments have not been made for 12 weeks or longer.

York Child Support Attorney: Legal Enforcements and Penalties

If this method is not workable, other actions can be taken to collect overdue child support through enforcement. The "Insurance Intercept Program" allows for insurance settlement money to be accessed to pay child support that is in arrears, including injury awards and workers' compensation awards higher than $5,000. At our firm, we have often served as counsel to resolve unpaid child support issues through the various levels of legal pressure geared to get results.

If a noncustodial parent continues to fail to pay court-ordered support, there are legal problems that will be faced, including being charged with civil contempt, with a jail term for up to 5 months, or probation. Some of the consequences one could face include:

  • Bank accounts being seized
  • Tax refunds being seized
  • Driver's licenses and other licenses being suspended
  • Passports being denied

In many cases, the initial step of finding the parent and taking the first legal action gets the results necessary – the payments you need to care for your children. Should it be necessary to exert further legal pressure, our York child support lawyer at Ilkanoff & Silverstein, has the experience to press forward and get results.

Contact us for more information about child support enforcement in York, PA.

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