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135 N. George Street Suite 223, York, PA 17401
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Lancaster Divorce Attorney

Serving Your Family Law Case

Are you headed towards divorce, or do you need compassionate legal support in a family law matter? At Ilkhanoff & Silverstein, we have 30 years collective experience in the field of law. With so many years in practice, we have seen how divorce can affect people's lives in every different way. We know that restructuring your family is a difficult choice with lasting impact. For this reason, we not only strive to protect your best interests from start to finish, we make every attempt to make the process less painful for you. If you are presently dealing with a critical divorce issue, we urge you to contact a Lancaster divorce attorney from our firm. The sooner you gain legal representation, the sooner you can take control of your situation and turn things around in your favor.

Why You Need an Attorney

The field of divorce law is one of the most sensitive, highly emotional and volatile fields of law. There is probably nothing more dear to one's heart than their family, and when their family begins to break down, they need help. Without securing your own legal representative, you are placing the future of your assets, your debts and even your children in somebody else's hands. Even the most amicable breakups can take a turn for the worse and when this happens your attorney will be able to use the law to protect you and your future.

Our firm is proud to offer a vast array of family law and divorce services to our clients. We have extensive experience with all types of divorce. If you are facing a contested divorce or a high net worth divorce, you will need an attentive legal representative to fight for your best interests. When a divorce is contested, often one or both of the parties is highly emotional. Divorces which are highly combative may fight over every detail. In these situations, it is imperative that your Lancaster divorce attorney provides the strong, dedicated support to win your case.

When children are involved, the stakes are significantly higher and the divorce proceedings become more complex. Winning child custody, whether it is sole custody or joint custody, will not only change your life but it will shape your children's lives as well. It may affect where your children go to school, what values are instilled in them, and who they spend holidays with. The family law attorneys at our firm know how difficult this situation is for you and your family, and they will use every resource and advantage to keep you with your children. Custody matters include both legal and physical custody, as well as visitation rights. Child custody outcomes will also determine how much child support you pay. If you have already gone through a divorce and require a child support modification, we can assist you through that process as well. Similarly, if you are owed unpaid child support or other dues which have been awarded to you, we are well-equipped to handle court orders. In some cases, when a parent has lost custody and the custodial parent is blocking access to the children, the grandparents may also petition for their rights to see the children. Grandparents' rights are a developing field, and all claims for rights must be proven to be in the best interests of the children.

Sometimes divorce situations can become dangerous. If you or your children are being threatened or feel that you are in danger, please immediately inquire about how to file for protection under the Protection from Abuse Act. We take these cases very seriously, and will do everything in our power to ensure that you are safe.

Not all family law cases are fraught with discord. In fact, with an amicable divorce, we can provide legal guidance through simple mediation. We will help you work towards your mutual interests as you begin a new life apart. Other types of family law, such as adoption, are legally complicated but joyous occasions. Our legal team is well rounded in its experience with all family law matters.

Whether you are having an amicable divorce and need assistance with mediation, or if you are entering a highly contested divorce, our firm is fully prepared to represent you and your best interests in either situation. We are here to listen to your objectives, and we are here to see to it that your goals are met in every way possible. We care very much for our clients and their needs; therefore, we will listen to your concerns and respect your wishes. At a time when you are dealing with a great amount of stress and anxiety, you can lean on us for emotional and legal support.

Lancaster Divorce Lawyer

Unlike many other law firms, we are strongly committed to our community. We are involved in both the local branch of the YMCA as well as the Rotary Club. Both Mr. Ilkhanoff and Ms. Silverstein are past presidents of the Family Law Section of the York County Bar Association. Our firm won the Community Service Award for Pro Bono service to the community given out by the York County Bar Association for 2008. Our continued support and dedication to our community comes from our care and compassion for our local residents. No matter where you come from or what's happening in your life right now, we want to help ease the pain of trying family law issues. We will get you through this as painlessly as possible so you can move forward with your life. Please, take a moment to contact our firm to schedule your private consultation with a member of our legal team.

Contact a Lancaster divorce attorney from the firm for the help you need during this difficult time.

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