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Countless Americans enjoy running as a form of recreational exercise. While this can be an excellent way to stay active, it is important that runners take certain precautions to stay visible and minimize their chances of being involved in a pedestrian accident. If you are an avid runner or periodically go for a jog alongside a roadway, the following tips can help keep you safe from vehicles.

  1. Stay on the sidewalks: Whenever possible, run on the sidewalks rather than the street to reduce your risk of being hit. If you absolutely must run in the street, run in the opposite direction of traffic. This will allow you to see oncoming cars and give you the opportunity to react to an advancing motorist’s mistake
  2. Check before crossing the street: If you need to cross a roadway, only do so when it is safe and at a designated crosswalk. Before you enter the street, check both directions for oncoming cars. Do not try to outrun a vehicle. Cloudy, dark, or rainy conditions can alter your perception and make it difficult to gauge how fast a car is moving. If you drop something in the crosswalk, do not turn around to pick it up! Bending over in a crosswalk is extremely dangerous as it can make you virtually invisible and put you in a dangerous situation if traffic lights change.
  3. Avoid running at night: Darkness makes it much more difficult for drivers to spot pedestrians, especially if they are wearing dark clothing. Additionally, there is often a larger percentage of intoxicated drivers on the roadways during late hours of the night. To improve your visibility, wear bright clothing or carry a flashlight with you while you run.
  4. Use hand signals: Need to turn? Give nearby drivers a heads-up by using hand signals. To signal a right turn, raise your left arm to shoulder height with your elbow bent up at a 90 degree angle and your hand open. Extending your left arm horizontally to the left will signal a left turn.
  5. Avoid running with headphones: While many people enjoy listening to music during their daily jog, headphones can make it difficult for you to hear oncoming traffic or sirens of emergency vehicles. At the very least, listen at low volume.

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