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When you experience a car accident, you might not understand the full extent of all your injuries until you see a medical professional. Something as important as internal bleeding requires immediate treatment, which is why you should see a doctor as soon as possible following a collision. When you do see a physician, it’s also important to ask the right questions before leaving the office, so you have a good understanding of what your injuries are and how to deal with them. Here are 3 of the most relevant questions to ask during your doctor visit.

Question 1: What Are My Injuries, and How Might They Affect Me?

This is one of the first things you should know after visiting the doctor. From a torn ligament to a broken bone to a concussion, it’s vital to understand what the problem might be. The more you know about your injury, the easier the process of recovery will be. Your doctor should also tell you what to expect in terms of side effects and how long it might take to recover from your injury. Some injuries might even have long-term health effects, which you should be informed of as soon as possible.

Question 2: Can I Go Back to Work?

If you were severely injured in a car accident, you might not be able to go to work the next day. Time off from work is often needed for many car crash victims to recover, so it’s important to ask your doctor this question. Your doctor can give you a written recommendation, which you can take to your boss as proof you need the time off requested.

Question 3: May I Have Copies of My Medical Records?

All patients are entitled to their own records, so it’s essential to get an updated copy for yourself. Documentation about your injury is the best kind of evidence to have in a personal injury case. Medical records can be sent to your insurance company, so they have proof of your injury after you file a claim.

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